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Posted: May 18, 2022 в 7:58 pm

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I call my patient into my office. He describes pain in his testicles, as I try to get to the root of his problem he tells me he likes getting kicked in the balls. I can’t quite believe him- he is taking time up in my busy clinic today for an injury to his testicles, yet he enjoys getting his balls kicked and his pain is entirely self inflicted! I perform an inspection on his testicles, and grab them tightly, adding a flick with my finger to test his reactions. He shouts in pain, throwing his head back in agony. I observe some swelling, and squeeze tighter! With another flick to his most vulnerable appendage, he shouts in pain again. I say I’ve never kicked a man in the balls before, but maybe that will change today. He protests, complaining that he has come to see me today for his injury, however I have other ideas and intend on teaching this masochist a lesson… I instruct him to lay on the floor, and I torment his balls with the flat red sole of my ‘So Kate’ Louboutin heels. I ask him to recount the incident that gave him this injury, he struggles to concentrate and talk as I press hard with my sharp stiletto heel onto his testicles. His tale inspires me, and so I take off my heel and strike his balls with my bare foot. He winces in pain, but a flurry of strikes from my foot land on his testicles despite his protests. His cock begins to swell, clearly he is enjoying this a little too much. I order my patient to stand up with his hands behind his back, I take great pleasure and amusement from kicking him hard between his legs. His balls are swollen and he is in pain, but I don’t let up. A succession of kicks land on his balls, and he falls to the floor in agony. In his position on the floor, I squeeze his balls tightly against his body, he cries out in pain as I stand on them with all of my weight. I kick his balls some more with immense enthusiasm – in front, from behind, and on the floor; I experiment with a range of positions, varying my intensity technique. As he loves his balls getting beaten and battered so much, I can only recommend more of this harsh treatment!

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
Size: 668.2 MB
Duration: 00:10:31 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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