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Posted: August 24, 2021 в 9:19 pm

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Mistress Kira – Trampling and Electric Play CBT

CBT training with trampling on masochists by Mistress Kira and blaming low frequency current.
Mistress Kira’s wonderful shaving technique instantly removes the underhair of the masochist’s penis testicles.
Use a transparent CBT board to pinch the masochist testicles.
The masochist gold ball sandwiched between two transparent plates looks awkward on its own.
Not only is it sandwiched between CBT boards and ridiculed by Mistress KIRA, but this CBT board is designed to carry current.
Masochists rejoice with the stimulation of low-frequency currents in gold balls and penises.
Mistress Kira laughs out loud when she hears the voice, and enjoys hoping that the masochist will make a better voice.
Japanese Pro domina Kira.

Starring: Mistress Kira
Size: 1003.3 MB
Duration: 00:20:58 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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