Mistress Euryale – Confess and Surrender (fullHD)

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Posted: August 23, 2021 в 7:21 pm

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Mistress Euryale – Confess and Surrender (fullHD)

How long can you keep a “safe”word under a long and severe beatdown? Especially as this safeword is everything but safe…

After a short encounter where you will taste my kicks and punches into your most precious parts, I will tie you up on a chair, making you more vulnerable to my leather-gloved fists.

Squeezed, busted, punched, twisted, crushed… You probably didn’t know your balls could endure such suffering… Oh, they might not keep the same color and shape at the end, but who cares?

You are so pathetic you confess this “safe”word to put an end to this. I told you that you would get an orgasm, but I didn’t detail in which circumstances. it will be intense, and painful. However you will not be able to scream much as my gloved-fists shoved in your throat take away your ability to use your filthy mouth.

Starring: Mistress Euryale
Size: 274.0 MB
Duration: 00:19:00 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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