The Fetish Couple – Are You Begging For Mercy – Close Up

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Posted: April 10, 2021 в 9:07 pm

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The Fetish Couple – Are You Begging For Mercy – Close Up

I’m going to absolutely stomp my hardest and completely obliterate my slaves balls tonight. The catch is, I will only stop when he cums. I let him stroke his cock and I get to work. I love to grind my entire weight, trapping his testicles beneath my perfect feet and twisting them into almost nothing. My favorite thing are heel stomps. I start hard and before long, I’m raining down some thunderous hits. I start to think maybe tonight will be the night I break him once and for all.

He’s actually still hard for all this and that only excites me to break him even further. I know I’m the hardest ball stomper on the internet and I intend to keep that title for a very long time. I decide to put on a pair of wedges, and he really starts to moan. The sharp edges of my shoes are really doing a number on his manhood. He’s starts to moan and before long he’s actually begging for mercy! What a fool, he know I have no mercy in me. I keep marching and bruises start to show up, he starts really begging for me to take them off. I do, but he thinks this is a good thing.

I decide to stomp as hard as I can with my heels taking direct aim at his testicles. I’m stomping so hard my feet are hurting. He loves the pain, and I love it even more. I can tell he’s suffering and his body wants me to stop, but his mind wants more. I continue to stomp as hard as I can, as I can tell he just may release. As I lay out some final nut crushing blows, he releases all over his box. I’m so very satisfied with him tonight. He has earned his release…

Starring: Ken, Kloe
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Duration: 00:27:28 min
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