The Fetish Couple – Cry Mercy I Dare You – Close Up

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Posted: June 26, 2023 в 1:41 pm

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The Fetish Couple – Cry Mercy I Dare You – Close Up

My Slave is once again trapped right were he belongs, beneath my perfect bare feet. I have my rings in place so I can really let loose and not loose my balance. I decide to tease him just a bit, grinding my lubed up feet all over his cock and balls, then balancing my entire weight on my heels, on his testicles and they mash into nothing! I MARCH and STOMP HARD! All my weight and strength, crushing down on his vulnerable balls. My aim gets better and better as I start landing direct shots on his nuts and he cries out in pain, nearly pulling his hands in the way. This angers me and makes me smile at the same time. I love to push his limits, then ask if wants mercy. He knows not to cry mercy or else I will absolutely rip him to pieces for his complaining. He struggles with this one, and can barely manage how hard I am stomping. The thuds nearly shake the camera, and he does his best to suffer in silence as I continue my session!

Featuring: Ken, Kloe
Size: 757.3 MB
Duration: 00:10:23 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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  • goodone
    Author: goodone Added July 20, 2023 в 08:07

    please post new cbt trample videos of the fetish couple , especially “Angry Goddess Shreds You With Double Stilettos – Close Up” , “Merciless Stomping Will Rip You Open – Close Up” , “You Will Burst Beneath 100 Wedge Jumps – Close Up” , “Swell Them Up, Break Them In Half, Then Shred Them To Pieces – Close Up” , “Stomping and Jumping Until You Blow – Full View” , thank you I hope you see this message.

  • gex
    Author: gex Added July 20, 2023 в 16:39

    Upload this too please “Completely Destroyed Beneath Stiletto Heels – Close Up”

  • User
    Author: User Added January 16, 2024 в 14:04

    Could you please upload more clips from this Studio?, she is awesome and brutal, miss so much clips from her.

  • BBKing
    Author: BBKing Added March 4, 2024 в 18:33

    Does anybody know what’s happened to them? The clip4sale store has been removed 🙁


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