Obey Amai – Kiss The Foot That Abused Your Balls

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Posted: October 16, 2020 в 11:00 pm

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Obey Amai – Kiss The Foot That Abused Your Balls

I’m feeling evil today so my loser ex bf is going to suffer in so many ways. His pathetic cock doesn’t deserve pleasure, only abuse. So I started by tying up his cock and slapping it repeatedly to get it hard. It’s so easy to control him by dragging him around by his balls. I pulled him over to the table and laid his cock out flat. Then I took my black platform heels and started stepping on his cock. I put my entire weight down on his cock as he moaned in pain. His cock started getting soft so I slapped it on the edge of the table until it was hard again. He’ll put up with anything simply for my entertainment. I stomped on it repeatedly and when I was done I made him lick up his cock juices off of my coffee table. But I get bored quickly so I wanted to do some other things to abuse his cock and balls. I laid him down on the floor and let him jerk his pathetic cock as I kicked him repeatedly in the balls. Then I stomped on his cock and balls with my big heels. I stood on his cock with my whole body weight bearing down on him. He asked why I was doing this to him and I responded, “Why not?” LOL He’s not my boyfriend anymore, I can use him anyway I want to. Even though he was Yelping in pain I wasn’t done. I took off my heels to reveal my sexy black stockings and I started kicking and **** his cock and balls with my pantyhose covered feet. Then I started flicking the head of his cock with my fingers. Fucking idiot just laid there and took all of my abuse. When I had finished I made him thank me for kicking him in the balls as he kissed the foot that had just abused his balls.

Starring: Amai Liu
Size: 290.0 MB
Duration: 00:11:38 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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