Dirty Perv Playground – Karate Carey Saves the Day!

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Posted: March 18, 2020 в 1:50 am

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Dirty Perv Playground – Karate Carey Saves the Day!

A young beautiful girl is just doing her job and providing a service to get by. She is a massage ther_pist and has to provide for her family. Today she has a new client and from the moment he walked in she felt a little uneasy, something just didn’t feel right. She takes the new client because she has to pay her bills, but during the massage the man starts asking about happy endings and getting more, this is a real massage parlor that provides ther_py for those in need, it isn’t a brothel. When she turns him down his mood changed for the worse and he quickly put on a evil mask! He flips the girl over to have his way with her but she calls for help! Who does she call for? She calls for Karate Carey! Karate Carey rushes in with one of her new sidekicks Amai and she beats the masked villian into submission with her new tool or torment of choice, a 12 inch black dildo with a iron rod down the center. Normally she would look for a way to help this masked villian but not today, his crimes against humanity are to much for even Karate Carey. Today is a day of punishment and punishment this evil man will receive.

Starring: Karate Carey, Amai Liu
Size: 218.2 MB
Duration: 00:09:19 min
Resolution: 910×512
Format video: mp4


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