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Posted: January 12, 2020 в 9:25 am

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Sarah DiAvola – The Brat Princess – The Sound of Justice

This political scumbag is waiting for his informant, nervously looking around the warehouse because he knows he’s in a dangerous position. As part of the corrupt government, he is assisting in illegal activity that will cause suffering to the most vulnerable citizens. Fat white men in suits, pushing the buttons on the lives of the innocent, all for their personal financial gain and to maintain their control over Women. But they suppress Us because they fear Us. That’s why he’s trembling…I’ve caught his scent.

I casually walk through the warehouse, swinging My handcuffs and looking devastating in My tight black boots, Police uniform and powerful strides.

Predator and prey, he is frantic while I am calm. I hunt.

Just as he’s beginning to wonder if his informant has abandoned him, sweating through his collared shirt, the agent of Justice sneaks up behind him. With a quick CHOP, PUNCH, KICK beatdown, he is incapacitated on the cold hard floor with My boot against his sweaty face. I lean in. I laugh.

He offers Me money, begs for My mercy, lies and whimpers, but I don’t need money where we’re going. All I need is his dick!

I cuff him and drag him to The Room.

Dark, red, sensual and dangerous, this is My office. I don’t even care what he’s done, because I know that whatever it is, it’s the work of men. I am not the judge. I am the executioner.

With a crop in his mouth and his hands bound, terrified of My beauty, his cock is completely exposed to Me, and My delights.

Do you hear that beep? That’s the other room. The Anal Violation Room. That’s where you’ll be going next, sir. But not until I’m done with you.

I taunt him like a maniacal psychopath, laughing at his terror and teasing his pain.

I open up My tool kit and show him the shiny, metal rods inside. I am going to put these inside of your penis, asshole.

This is My type of interrogation. Fun. Erotic. There is no way to avoid being mesmerized by My beauty, there is no way out of this room, and there is an army of angry Women swarming throughout this entire building. Escape is futile.

And so I get to work. I use metal rods to penetrate and violate his tight dick hole, giggling adorably with glints of insanity in between. The sound of him howling into the crop, the way his legs tighten and twitch, it turns Me on!

Oh, but I’m not nearly done. I have more toys to play with! Here, I have an electric probe. Isn’t the violet light pretty? It’s going to look so nice, reaching its tendrils of electricity through his tender penis skin like a thousand beestings. And it does. It’s almost as if, in addition to his pain, the shocks feed My passion and make My sadism even stronger!

I zap the metal rods while they are inside his cock hole. This makes him JUMP, twitch, scream, and beg, but it just makes Me laugh more. I like the way the electricity bounces off the hard metal. I love the way his balls react to the sting of the power wand, too! This is the best part of My job: the feedback.

But wait, there’s more! I have a fun little bondage and torture device for that package of evil between your legs. It’s a metal circle that goes around your hard dick, and all along the radius are metal screws. When I tighten each one, it pushes deeper into your sensitive cock. I tighten each screw, so that it’s just snug against your erection. And then I work to make your erection BIGGER.

Easily, I scramble his brain and abuse his dick with pure sexual prowess. I crawl over him, stroking his captive dick against My ass and thighs, blowing on it with My lips, letting My tongue release strands of moist saliva over the tip. Then I sit firmly on top of his screaming face, cutting off his air, and lean forward to get out My last vicious, violent attacks on that worthless package.

Welcome to reformation, scumbag. We’re going to save the country, one penis at a time. We will line our walls with the violated assholes of once-powerful men, and you’re just one more dick on this wall.

Next stop: The Anal Violation Room. Now that I’ve fucked your front hole, it’s time to annihilate your tight little back hole. Better stop clenching.

Starring: Sarah DiAvola, Jordan Tyler
Size: 3.1 GB
Duration: 00:23:01 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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