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Posted: June 23, 2019 в 12:50 pm

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Unwanted Advances – Sarah DiAvola – The Brat Princess

These kicks are a ballbusting fetishist’s NIGHTMARE. The sound of the smacks rips through your ears and sends shivers down your spine! Each blow from My shoes, feet, and is straight-on, loud, and PAINFUL. And each sadistic smack is accompanied by delighted giggles and a wickedly genuine smile.

My girls and I had a few at the hotel bar, so I decided to toy around with one of the losers who keep trying to get our attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and as soon as I get the idea, a victim comes along. This asshole thinks he’s god’s gift to Women, like we’re just going to jump into bed with him because we’re American and “you know how American girls are.” Fuck that, you ignorant little bitch. Let’s see how far I’ll let you go in the hotel room.

I let him have a drink, because I’m nice like that, but I don’t waste any time before I make it clear that I’m not here to fuck – I’m here to fuck you up! All of your troubles, including this predicament, are caused by your dick and balls. They are a curse! So I KICK them, over and over, until he is doubled over and crying in pain and agony. I GRAB them tightly and scratch them with my nails. I PUNCH them with my . I BEAT them with my black stiletto high heel pumps, as well as my bare feet. I CRUSH them beneath my heels and my bare feet from the front and behind, standing and on his knees. BLAST after LOUD, POPPING CRACK, I make him regret he ever looked me over at the bar, and he’ll think twice before looking at a woman as prey ever again in the future! I even force him to kiss the sexy high heels that destroyed his testicles, surrendering completely and thanking me for the pain.

While he’s on the floor, writhing in pain, I call the police and put on a frantic and fragile voice, telling the operator that I just had to fend off a naked man who broke into my hotel room, oh my goodness gracious help me please! They don’t know that I’ve got one foot perched on my defeated victim and he’s the one who needs an ambulance. I gloat and brag about how I wasted this fool, victory posing and peacock-ing while this idiot cries like a little weenie with nothing but ground beef in the place where his balls used to be.

Starring: Sarah DiAvola
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