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Posted: August 14, 2019 в 3:00 pm

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Little Drummer Balls (4K) – Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber

A while back The Mean Girls had a fun slumber party. All the Mean Girls slept over at the Mean Girl Manor and we brain stormed on a bunch of new fun ways to abuse ALL OUR PATHETIC SLAVES!!!

We came up with a really fun chair device we can restrain or slaves to and stomp on a pedal for a drum… It literally beats their balls like a drum. Fun right?!?!?! Hahaha

The best part is every part of the thing we decide play with in our chair, it’s body is restrained so they cannot move at all, BALLS are pulled extremely tight by a ball nooose, ankles are cuffed, thighs are strapped in, hands are cuffed… they are completely strapped in and helpless. LOL!

Princess Amber and I went out for drinks and this geek who thought he was sooooo cool kept trying to talk to us, even though we made it very clear we wanted him to go away. Then Princess Amber and I decided, WHAT A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to try out our new drum chair device.

I just so happened to have some powder in a baggy down my bra that would knock it out. That loser just made the biggest mistake of it’s life. It was also dumb enough to say it was down for anything with us… Hehehe ANYTHING?!?!

We put it to sleep and took it to our dungeon. We strapped it in then poured water on its head to wake it up.

So funny, all of a sudden that loser didn’t want to play with us anymore. Lol! Oh well, it was too late for him. We wanted to have some fun and we always get WHATEVER we want!!!

We destroyed it’s balls, over and over and over again. It begged us to let it go but NO! LOL!

We were going to teach that freak a lesson it would never, ever forget! We tied it’s balls so tight they probably fell completely off after we left. Haha!! Oh well, It shouldn’t have messed with the Mean Girls!!!

Starring: Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber
Size: 3.6 GB
Duration: 00:18:09 min
Resolution: 2720×1530
Format video: mp4



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