The Fetish Couple – Present Your Sore Balls To Me + Alternate Angle Clip (2 videos)

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Posted: March 29, 2019 в 9:07 am

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The Fetish Couple – Present Your Sore Balls To Me + Alternate Angle Clip (2 videos)

Last night I filmed one of my most sadistic clips to date, and Ken’s balls are sore to the touch. This is a perfect time to make him present them to me, so he can further understand what it means to be my slave.

I have him lay them on the glass box, so I can trap his sore balls beneath my entire weight! They have nowhere to escape, and love to see him squirm in pain. I make sure to get both balls under my heels, then bounce all my weight as they bulge beneath, ready to burst. Ken is in excruciating pain, and my actions are slow and deliberate. I continually talk to him throughout the clip to remind him that I get to do as I please, and I love to make him suffer beneath me!

I also like to take aim at his balls, and then stomp down hard with my heel! Hoping to catch it just right, and cause him more traumas. I love to test Ken’s limit and after many stomps to his balls, I finish with a perfectly aimed, full force heel stomp! He literally falls the ground in pain, and I am satisfied with my work.

Starring: Ken, Kloe
Size: 1.1 GB + 1.3 GB
Duration: 00:11:27 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4

Alternate Angle Clip Preview:


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Comments: 3

  • Boi
    Author: Boi Added May 1, 2019 в 02:57

    Kloe, may you do it to me as well? Even though I am still a bit small I want to feel your feet on my balls! Crushing them down hard.

  • Boi
    Author: Boi http://nothing. Added May 1, 2019 в 06:04

    Kloe, may I feel you stomping on my balls? Even if I’m a bit young, could you please stomp on my balls? I wish to meet you in real life so I could feel your foot on my balls.

  • boi
    Author: boi Added May 1, 2019 в 09:16

    Dear, Kloe

    Please see this message, I will love for you to stomp on my balls with your heels, jump on it with your sexy feet and allow me to lick and suck on your feet when you’re done. Please, your foot are so sexy and I want you to jump on my balls 100 times and then stomp on them and put your weight on them.


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