The Fetish Couple – Kloe & Ken – Savage Three Shoe Slaughter

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Posted: February 23, 2019 в 10:42 am

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The Fetish Couple – Kloe & Ken – Savage Three Shoe Slaughter

My addiction for more and more savage and extreme trample sessions with my slave continues to grow. Tonight I decided to to film one of the most cruel and barbarous clips to date. I picked out three shoes, new black wedges, new Jessica Simpson High Heels, and my favorite combat boots! I have two of my favorite rock songs for each pair of shoes, so I can really get into the destruction!
The wedges are up first, and immediately start crushing his manhood! I walk all over Ken’s manhood with no break, and he quickly starts to bruise up after only a few minutes. I make sure to stomp on every part of him, sometimes catching just the tip of his shaft, sometimes catching the center of his balls! I love to know he is in excruciating pain because of my abuse! I get my warmup in with a few jumps! The hard soles of my wedges slamming down on him, I want to destroy him!
Two songs down and I can hear him panting, trying to catch a breath. He suffers in silence behind his curtain, he doesn’t dare complain for he knows the wrath he will face if he distracts me from my playtime. I put on my new high heels and am pleased to find how comfortable they are. I should be able to stomp very hard in these! I want a bl@@dbath, and I will make sure I get one. I immediately start stomping down hard on Ken’s balls. He quickly starts leaking red stuff out of his ballsack and I smile with pleasure! My stomps get harder and I don’t care where my sharp stilettos lands! I march all over my slave, posing for the camera as I listen to my music. With the music playing loudly, I get lost in the destruction and Ken’s wounds only excite me to create more!
It’s time to finish My slave off, and I want him to hurt for weeks. He’s in a puddle of BL**D, as I change into my combat boots. I then place my headphones on and and blindfold. I want zero distractions as I eradicate my slaves manhood from existence! I can only hope and imagine that one of my first jumps with my heavy tread burst his testicles, and because I can’t hear or see him, I continue to trample and leave a pile on entrails when I pull my blindfold off. I know he is leaking, as I jump and stomp directly on his cock and balls! I’m sure I must be splashing around in his BL**D! I love it! I stomp and march in every which way, smiling because I’m catching every part of him beneath my tread and he must be nearly blacking out from the pain! I don’t care, I will continue my torture as planned. As the final song finishes up, I compiled his annihilation with a few extra hard jumps! Then take off my blindfold to admire my masterpiece.
My slave’s manhood is covered in wounds and bruises. They are swollen and misshapen, lying in a puddle of red stuff. I bring the camera in close to show off my accomplishment, and remind Ken that he is my slave forever, and I can do whatever I want to him, whenever I want, and for however long I want! These words sink into his psyche as he lies a defeated man. I know exactly what I am doing to him.

Starring: Kloe, Ken
Size: 1.8 GB
Duration: 00:24:33 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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