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Ballbusting Beauties – Boot Bitch Takes a Vicious Ballbusting – Miss Tiffany

Ballbusting Beauties – Boot Bitch Takes a Vicious Ballbusting – Miss Tiffany

Jay has wanted to be Miss Tiffany’s boot-bitch for a very long time and he finally has the privilege of being in her presence. She reminds him of the incalculable number of men that would trade places with him in an instant. Begging and pleading with her, he states that he would do anything just to lick her boots. Miss Tiffany is intrigued by this and has him spread his legs. With a swift motion, she blasts his groin with a kick from her boots! Jay handles the kick well enough and she orders him to strip out of his clothes which he eagerly obeys. One of Miss Tiffany’s favorite activities is ballbusting and if he is going to be granted permission to worship her boots, he will have to endure a truly sadistic test. She puts the groveling boot-bitch into various positions so that she is able to kick his pathetic balls almost full force. Desperate to touch his tongue to her divine boots, Jay pushes through the pain with an erection the whole time. Miss Tiffany wants to make sure he is extra excited IF he is rewarded, and relentlessly teases him by allowing him to sniff the leather of her boots. After three final perfect, accurate kicks to his swollen testicles, Miss Tiffany decides whether or not he will be granted permission to worship the boots that destroyed his balls!!!

Starring: Miss Tiffany
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Duration: 00:08:18 min
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