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Home Wrecker / Ballbreaker – Miss Tiffany – Ballbusting Beauties

Home Wrecker / Ballbreaker – Miss Tiffany – Ballbusting Beauties

Miss Tiffany has all sorts of men constantly begging to be her full time slave, but she is only even willing to consider accepting those who are willing to sacrifice everything for her. One submissive who has been obsessed with becoming her slave has reached a breaking point and Miss Tiffany plans on using it against him to have a little fun. Since he refuses to break up with his girlfriend, she is going to kick him in the balls until he calls her and does it….or until his balls break. The desperate submissive pleads with her to accept his devotion, but his words fall on deaf ears and Miss Tiffany begins laying into his testicles with extremely brutal kicks. She orders the submissive to strip naked so she can continue pulverizing his exposed, swollen balls. Finally, he submits to her will and calls up his girlfriend to break up, but not before Miss Tiffany gives him one final ball-breaking kick while he’s still on the phone! But does she actually accept him as her slave?!?!

Starring: Miss Tiffany
Size: 424.2 MB
Duration: 00:08:16 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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