Ballbusting / CBT

Jingle Balls CBT Slave for Goddess – Mistress Salem

Jingle Balls CBT Slave for Goddess – Mistress Salem

My slave has a cock ring holding his parachute tightly around his balls and heavy weights hanging & swinging from them! I have taught him how to pray to a Goddess- to kneel before Me, staring into My mesmerizing eyes through the holes in his mask, struggling to keep his cock and balls elevated so the weights don’t hit the floor while he prays to Me! I see him struggling hard to stay in place… I hear the weights hit the floor… so now I’m feeling sadistic!

I make him kneel facing away from Me, swinging the weights back & forth while he thrusts his hips. I call him jingle balls!!!! I make him crawl on all fours in neat circles before Me to amuse & impress Me. It’s so fun to watch him crawling around with the weights jingling dangling from his balls, his cock is so hard…it turns him on so much to make Me smile & make Me laugh! I’ve already caned his ass for fucking up in part 1 of this clip, & now that he’s gone and fucked up, letting the weights hit the floor while he crawls around… he must count all of the times he fucked up while I slap his ass with My gloved hands, and watch My hand marks appear on his ass while I swing & kick & paddle the weights hanging from his balls. This slave is such an obedient worshiper of Salem- he will do ANYTHING I say, anything it takes to impress Me!

My eyes My power My immense POWER- I control My slave completely. He is in full submission, full subspace. Everything about him is MINE- he is going to remember this every time he sits down, remember just who he belongs to…. all marked up, sweaty and breathing heavily… After I’ve been entertained to My satisfaction, I slowly remove the weights hanging from his balls, remove the parachute & the cock ring squeezing his balls tightly… he stares deeply into My eyes, thanking Me over and over for the opportunity to earn a place within My Empire. CBT is so much fun when a slave’s cock and balls can take whatever I want to give them!!! Would YOU be able to impress Me as much as this slave??

Starring: Mistress Salem
Size: 660.8 MB
Duration: 00:08:07 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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