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Mistress Salem – CBT Goddess Worship Sub Training FULL FILM

Mistress Salem – CBT Goddess Worship Sub Training FULL FILM

TIME FOR SOME CBT FUN WITH MY SLAVE! I’ve mesmerized him deeply so he must obey My every command. Despite his nerves, I can tell by his hard cock how exciting this is for him- showing Mistress just what he can do with his cock and balls! I stare deeply into his eyes, whisper, entrance him. Put him in the corner. I examine his balls, spit on them, slap them, squeeze them, pull them…Then, I put a leather parachute onto his balls with a cockring to keep it on nice & secure, & hang My silver weights from it! I want to see just how strong My slave’s balls are & just how far he will go to amuse Me!

I put My slave through rounds of tests.. he must learn how to pray to his Goddess without allowing the weights to hit the floor! Of course he fucks up a couple times… so he earns some caning punishment. I cane his ass so hard that the sound of the wood flying through the air is loud, culminating in the WHACK as it stings his ass. My slave must learn how to pray to Goddess appropriately without those weights hitting the floor, so I teach him. Then, it’s time for some real entertainment… I designate him jingle balls CBT slave, and command him to crawl on all fours in circles before Me, making pretty music for Me and amusing Me!

My slave on all fours, cock hard, balls stretched out with weights hanging down as he crawls around making pretty music for Me is impressive & hilarious. My slave AMUSES Me just how I want to be amused! I have complete control over his cock- it twitches for Me, dances at the command of My fingers! When the weights hit the floor he earns some spankings… the red mark of My palm rising to the surface of the skin on his bouncy ass… My slave will do anything for Me, anything to please his Goddess. CBT is so much fun to use as a tool of slave training. No matter what, My slave must endure the pull that I have on him & perform for Me! The entire time his cock is hard as a rock, even when I’m kicking the weights, picking them up in My hands & flinging them, commanding him to thrust his hips back & forth so that the weights sway and jingle for Me… he is entirely entranced under My spell and actually really impresses Me with the strength of his balls! I love playing with My slave…and I know when enough is enough… so I’m careful to remove the weights, parachute & cockring once I’m satisfied fully, allowing him to slowly lower himself into the worship position. In his eyes I see full surrender. Submission to Me is like entering a new world… My slave’s eyes show Me total subspace & I am high on My powers over him! Certainly he has proven himself worthy with this CBT & caning & spanking … for now, at least!

Starring: Mistress Salem
Size: 2.2 GB
Duration: 00:27:36 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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