Ballbusting / CBT

Double the Damage – Stella Liberty, Janira Wolfe

Double the Damage – Stella Liberty, Janira Wolfe

It’s a pain slut’s luckiest day and worst nightmare to be between Mistress Stella Liberty and Mistress Janira Wolfe. His limbs are bound and cock restrained on a tight leash. He is under their complete control. They delight in his torment, using their hands to wreck his body. Stella holds his mouth to contain his cries of agony as Janira claws new grooves and paths into his skin with her nails. Slapping, spitting, and stretching his cock away from his balls, the Mistresses use him until he cannot take anymore.

Starring: Stella Liberty, Janira Wolfe
Size: 572.8 MB
Duration: 00:11:06 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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