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Posted: June 5, 2018 в 8:00 am

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Ballbusting Beauties – Cheater Gets Busted 2 – Sydney Cyntana

Sydney’s boyfriend told her that he was going out “with the boys” but accidentally left his phone behind. She notices that he’s getting text messages from another woman asking where he’s at. Upon going through his phone, she finds even more evidence of his cheating ways. Suddenly he walks back in to grab his phone, having finally realized he forgot it. But instead of giving him his phone, Sydney starts questioning him. As he begins to give her bullshit excuses, she stands up and absolutely rails him in the balls with a vicious kick. She doesn’t give him much time on his knees to catch his breath before pulling him up by the shirt and continuing to lay into him verbally and physically. He admits to his indiscretion and begins begging for mercy, but Sydney isn’t having any of it. If he wants to stay with her, he must do everything she says. Upon agreeing, she orders him to strip out of his pants so that she can continue to bust his nuts until she feels he has learned his lesson. After a pulverizing blow to the groin that sends his feet off the ground, she makes him worship her perfect feet, further humiliating him. When his balls are nice and swollen and bruised, she reveals that she is leaving him anyways!

Starring: Sydney Cyntana
Size: 219.55 MB
Duration: 00:08:05 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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  • MaX
    Author: MaX Added June 6, 2018 в 09:16

    there’s no other way to get this vids? its cool to have this page but you upload them to a page without even an option of one file p/ day

    • admin
      Author: admin Added June 6, 2018 в 10:13

      Download is available only for premium users !


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