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Posted: August 20, 2018 в 8:50 am

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Ballbusting Beauties – The Performance Review 2 – Sydney Cyntana

Following an out of town meeting with some very important business clients that didn’t go so well because of one of her employees, Sydney Cyntana now has to figure out what to do with him. Back at the hotel after the disaster meeting he tries to make excuses for himself but Sydney has already made up her mind that he has to fired. Not wanting to lose his job, he begs and pleads with her, even going as far as to say that he will do anything to keep it. His desperation peaks her interest and she gives him a final chance, but only if he will do what she says. She has him strip out of his pants and grabs him by the balls, giving them a hard squeeze and slapping them around. He cries out in pain but Sydney has no sympathy for the pathetic man, instead she stands up and using his tie like a leash, holds him up in place so she can pound his testicles with fierce kicks from her strong legs. He is forced to endure the pain of her pointy high heels landing right in between his legs if he wants to keep his job! After verbally berating him and viciously beating his balls, Sydney finishes him off by making him lick the bottoms of her heels!!

Starring: Sydney Cyntana
Size: 349.3 MB
Duration: 00:07:02 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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