Ballbusting / CBT Ballbusting Beauties

Broke Boyfriend, Broke Balls – Ballbusting Beauties – Sarah Diavola

Broke Boyfriend, Broke Balls – Ballbusting Beauties – Sarah Diavola

Sarah and her boyfriend, Jay, are on vacation in Las Vegas. Having read books beforehand about “the way to win money at slot machines”, Jay spends the entire day gambling away ALL of their money! In shock and disbelief at her loser boyfriend, Sarah drags him back up to the hotel room for a little discussion. After bitching him out about losing everything playing only one slot machine over and over again, she grabs him by the balls squeezing them tightly in her hand and letting him know that since he is now broke, she is going to do the same to his balls. Jay tries to beg with Sarah saying that he will win the money back but she isn’t putting up with his pathetic behaivor any longer. Sarah brutally pulverizes her boyfriends balls with kicks, knees, crushing and squeezing until he is a crying mess on the ground. Knowing that the now broken fuck-boy won’t be able to fix the situation, she takes the keys to his expensive car so she can sell it and get back HER money!

Starring: Sarah Diavola
Size: 230.47 MB
Duration: 00:08:29 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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Broke Boyfriend_Broke Balls.mp4 – 230.5 MB

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