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Posted: January 17, 2018 в 12:05 pm

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Nyxon comes home from a long day at work and finds her boyfriend enamored by his phone on the couch. She has some idle chit chat with him but he seems tobe more interested in whatever he’s looking at on his phone. She asks him what’s so interesting and he quickly tries to hide it from her. Now her interested has peaked. She demands to see his phone and see’s a nude photo of her friend pop up on snapchat. He quickly argues it goes out to anyone following her, but she points out it was sent directly to him. He tries to play it off again but then another photo comes up. Now she is mad, that’s her friend, why is she snapchatting him nudies? She grabs him by the balls and twists, noticing how hard he’s become. She’s not going to stand for this and makes him stand up. She tells him or every snapchat he receives, she’s gonna kick him in the balls! He pleads no but more photos start popping up, and you guessed it, BAM! she nails him in the nuts, with each new photo. After he can take no more he crumples to the floor where she starts stomping him in the nuts. Eventually leaving him there after feeling his balls pop under her feet.

Starring: Goddess Nyxon, Jason Ninja
Size: 286.03 MB
Duration: 00:08:42 min
Resolution: 960×536
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Snapchat Ballbust.mp4

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