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Posted: July 22, 2023 в 3:38 pm

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Willow & Summer – Taking my GIRL back! – Bratty Foot Girls

Willow wants her girl Summer back. She’s been texting her non-stop telling her she needs to leave the guy she started dating and get back with a real woman. Jason’s sick and tired of it and has gone over Willow’s place with Summer to ask her to cease texting his new gf. Willow isn’t having it though, she can’t believe Summer left her for this pathetic man. Summer pleads with Jason to take care of Willow for her. Willow won’t give up though and Jason tries in vain to attack her. Willow grabs his hand and twists it down. Jason is in shock at her powerful strength. He feels his arm cracking as he is bent down towards her feet. Willow wryly grins as Summer can’t believe wha she is seeing. She yells at Jason to get up, but Willow twisats his hand more and demands he kiss her feet. Jason now humiliated tells her no way, but his refusal is met with a swift kick to the balls. He doubles over at her feet as WIllow asks him again to kiss her feet. He starts doing as she asks as his gf looks on in horror. How sad. Willow kicks him a few times before removing her heels and aming him kiss the bottoms of her soles. Summer’s had it now, she is disgusted by his weakness. Willow laughs and tells Summer she is hers again now. Summer agrees as Willow makes Jason kiss and worship both of their feet. Even gagging him hard on their toes. The reunited lesbians laugh at the pathetic male at their feet as they step on him and fully humiliate him turning him into their cuck.

Featuring: Willow Lanksy, Summer Vixen, Jason Ninja
Size: 799.8 MB
Duration: 00:13:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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