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Posted: December 14, 2017 в 7:05 am

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Ballbusting is My favorite thing in the world, and as much as I like to just have at My slaves’ balls, I also enjoy finding new ways to entertain Myself and push My slaves further. Today I’ve thought of a brilliant game to play with My new slave, who surprised Me with his ability to take quite a beating to the balls. I’m going to start out completely clothed in jeans, a sweater, and of course, My boots and then I’m going to make the slave complete different challenges to earn the removal of an item of My clothing. But the thing is, I don’t particularly think he deserves to see My naked body, so I am NOT going to make it easy. The way the game works is, if the slave completes the challenge without calling mercy or falling to the floor, I take off an item of clothing. If he is unable to complete the challenge, I may choose to repeat it, or move on to the next, without removing any clothing. The challenges My slave will complete include:

1. 3 minutes of straight front kicks with no stopping (the front kicks are My favorite. I have the best view of the balls, and when I have My slaves in the spreader bar, they’re perfectly presented to Me, allowing Me to kick most accurately through rapid fire kicks.)

2. 3 of My hardest kicks in a row from behind without falling down or calling mercy (where everyone knows it hurts more…I think it’s a combination of the angle at which My boot comes into contact with the balls, and the fact that the slave can’t even look at My beautiful face and body as I deliver the pain. I’m really not sure which is worse.)

3. 10 more of My hardest kicks in a row from behind without falling down or calling mercy (I thought it was funny to have it be a strip challenge and then not let him see Me)

4. 10 punches with one hand while the other hand squeezes the balls, in a row without falling down or calling mercy (From what I’ve been told, and observed, the punches elicit more of a pain in the gut, which can sometimes cause the slave to toss his cookies…though that does not happen here)

5. 15 straight, hard, knees to the balls in a row without falling down or calling mercy (the knees are fun, because the smaller, more deliberate and concentrated movement hits the balls up into the slave’s body in a different way than the kicks, which I enjoy)

Starring: Janira Wolfe
Size: 695 Mb
Duration: 00:12:12 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Impossible Strip Ballbusting Challenge.mp4 – 695.0 MB

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  • duco
    Author: duco Added December 5, 2018 в 23:58

    I am looking in Utrecht

  • duco
    Author: duco Added December 6, 2018 в 00:01

    Is er in Utrecht Nederland geen ballbusting club?


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