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Posted: August 26, 2017 в 2:53 pm

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I continue my playground of pain, only I add the privilege of ass smothering. Multiple angles, all shot during a live ballbusting/face sitting session. I squash his nose and mouth between my ass cheeks, to muffle the sounds he makes as I punch him in the balls. I slap, grab, squeeze, and punch while my ass rides his head. I admire myself in the sexy sunset light, as I can’t get enough of my own beauty. I think you’ll agree that this type of vicious vixen can only be a Goddess.
I switch positions so I’m standing over him, foot-slapping his nuts with my stocking-clad feet. I hit him with the tops, making that nice slap sound, then I turn around and get a good rhythm going with the soles of my feet. Slap slap slap! Just like last time, his dick is securely trapped out of the way in a harness, so I have full access to his precious balls. I beat them up like a tiger with a toy, making full use of them for my pure pleasure. I even take a big, sharp bite out of them, showing the teeth marks on his delicate flesh to the camera.
This is real action, practically seamless, and you can see what a sadistic seductress I truly am. I’ll have you falling in love with me and fearing me, all in one swipe.

Starring: Sarah Diavola
Size: 1018.75 Mb
Duration: 00:23:26 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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Sarah Diavola Owns Your Balls 2.mp4 – 1018.7 MB

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