Ballbusting / CBT Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Ballbusting, Scissorholding, Facesitting Playground for Shayne – Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Hello my little Femdom slaves, I’m Lady Shayne, and I need you to understand that you are nothing but a toy for me to play with. I use men for my own amusement. I use them, I abuse them, I smother them, I tease them, and sometimes I BREAK them. In this clip I place a focus on my Amazing Ass. First I tease you losers at home with some POV Femdom / Ass Worship, but I quickly get into playing with this oversized, muscle head of a playground I found laying on my floor. I drop my knees into his junk as he strains to take the pain and check out my Ass. Well before he knows it, that Ass is Sitting on his Face and he’s quickly unable to breath. I allow him a tiny bit of air as I Straddle and mount his face from a few different positions, and tease my beautiful feet in his face in-between. Next, I kick his legs open, tease him with my Thong covered Buns of Steel, before Dropping them Hard onto his Nuts! LOL! I LOVE Butt Drops! I grind my Booty down into his Balls as he struggles to take my weight Squashing his little package. I Trample him for a quick moment, then I drop down onto him, locking his neck into a Strong Scissorhold as I simultaneously Dig my elbows into his Balls.

Starring: Lady Shayne
Size: 802.7 Mb
Duration: 00:10:37 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



Download link:
Ballbusting_Scissorholding_Facesitting Playground for Shayne.mp4 – 802.7 MB

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