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Posted: June 2, 2017 в 5:42 pm

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When Electra’s boyfriend is ignoring her and watching his MMA shows, she decides to get his attention by placing her sexy feet in his lap and challenging him to a little real life MMA. This guy thinks he’s all tough, but Electra knows exactly where to hit him to bring him to his knees. In this clip, the two basically play fight for 10 minutes. The fight ended up going about 20 minutes so we edited out a lot of the grappling around and skipped to the more exciting parts when Electra focuses her Kicks, Knees and Grabs to his Groin. She catches him in multiple painful situations where he’s essentially helpless to protect himself as she pulls his hands away and grinds her Knees, Gaspedals and Stomps deep into his aching Nuts. Her boyfriend is being a bit of a wuss so Electra removes her top and bottoms throughout the clip to make sure he stays in action so she can continue to Bust his Balls. This clip also features some sexy Facesitting action, as Electra Smothers him with her Ass and Punches, Grabs, and Kicks him in the Balls at the same time. She also Tramples his nuts full weight to make him tap out. This is a fun and sexy clip featuring a Powerful Girl, play fighting with her boyfriend and constantly aiming for his Weak Spot, which is pretty hot! With that being said, due to a camera malfunction this clip didn’t feature the high standard of filming and lighting we try to attain, and for that reason on top of offering this clip at a discount, we are also offering it as a FREE download to any of our super fans who spend $50 + in a single order. Simply forward us your Clips4Sale receipt to our GNDstudios email listed on the clip, along with the Subject line “Electra’s Free Bonus Clip with $50+ Ordernd let us know what email address you’d like us to send the file transfer to. – Happy Bustings!

Starring: Electra
Size: 814.61 Mb
Duration: 00:10:52 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Electra Wrestles His Balls Off.mp4 – 814.6 MB

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