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Posted: November 7, 2017 в 8:31 pm

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On this relaxing, Sunday afternoon, Alexa and Electra decided to meet up at Team BALLBUSTER for a fun game of Power Gauge! These two, sexy Princesses just LOVE Kicking Nuts, so they invented this game where they start their Kicks at 10% Power, and then steadily increase the force of their strikes until they are Hauling off at Full Power. Unfortunately for the video slave today, this Double Domination Tag Team doesn’t spend long with the lighter Kicks, and they jump fairly quickly to the HARD ones. Not only that, but near the end our pathetic loser accidentally says the “bitch” word, which of course sets off Electra and Alexa into an all out Beatdown of this losers Testicles. They Kick, Knee, Punch, Grab, and Elbow him in the sack until he’s on the ground begging for mercy. These women give him NONE. They forcibly spread his legs and begin Stomping down into his Nads and Gaspedalling him and Trampling his Balls with all their weight. It’s no wonder our original video slave puss#ed out of this clip when he felt Alexa’s “10% Kick” LOL!!! If you think you have the balls for these women, check out their contact information found on the end of the clip!

Starring: Alexa, Electra
Size: 704.57 Mb
Duration: 00:10:34 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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2 Girls No Cup.mp4 – 704.6 MB

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