Ballbusting / CBT Balls For Kicking

Fancy Dress Party Part 2 – Balls For Kicking

Sarah Jane & Miss C are ready for going ot to the fancy dress party in their sexy fancy dress outfits when in comes their male escort wearing a mask and no pants. He thinks his fancy dress outfit is ‘the best’ the girls however have other thoughts on it. Sarah Jane very quicky shows her thoughts by smashing his exposed balls with her bare hand. Miss C follows up by kenneing and kicking him in the balls. The girls then sit him on a chair and Sarah Jane stands on his cock and balls putting her full weight into squashing them flat and making him scream in pain. She sits on his face and squashes his balls with her feet before Miss c inflicts pain on his cock and balls. He is then bent over the chair and knee’d and kicked from behind by both girls. Sarah Jane loves grabbing, pulling and twisting his cock. Sarah then ties a pair of knickers round his cock. After some more kicking, kneeing and slapping the girls drag him outside by his cock to the well where they kick him till he falls to the ground where Sarah once again stands full weight on his balls. After more kicking and ball slapping the girls decide to go to the party alone and leave him in agony on the floor.

Starring: Sarah Jane, Miss C
Size: 332.55 Mb
Duration: 00:05:25 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv



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