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Posted: January 27, 2017 в 8:25 pm

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A slaves legs have been tied to the corners of the room. Amadahy and Kendall enter to find him just left like that. How perfect for ballbusting! The slave will not be able to close its legs and block kicks because of the way it has been tied up. Amadahy goes right in for a flurry of hard ball punches. The slave is completely helpless to resist. They want to go in for 100 full force ballkicks since there is no way the slave can fight back. Amadahy and Kendall take turns forcefully kicking the slave. As the rope starts to slacken from his struggling, they pull it taught so that the slave cannot fight what is happening to it. After give or take 100 brutal kicks the Princesses decide to leave the slave tied up the way they found him. They kick him a few more times for good measure, then head out for the evening. Theyll kick him some more when they get back.

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