Mika Katana – BALLBUSTING My Pathetic Bitch Husband

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Posted: July 8, 2024 в 5:22 pm

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Mika Katana – BALLBUSTING My Pathetic Bitch Husband

So, we were supposed to go out to a party last Saturday night, but my dipshit husband fucked up our plans, and to make matters worse, one of my Bull boyfriends I meet was going. So I decided to take out my frustrations by absolutely destroying my Sissy Bitch Cuck hubby’s balls and ass! As you will see, he whined and screamed like the little wimp he is, even though I didn’t give him my hardest (stay tuned for THAT!). As always, I ridicule his tiny dick, so that he KNOWS that his inability to satisfy me is also a reason for his harsh punishment. His pain is suffering is HIS FAULT! LMAO His little limp cocklette is another not-so-big reason I fuck other men… REAL MEN with REAL COCKS. But you already know that I’m a size queen whore from my many BBC bareback videos here. The best part is that I have the dumbass completely re-programmed to not only accept my infidelity and his VERY frequent beatings, but actually BEG for them! Pathetic, huh? For this punishment I utilized my sharp Delrin cane, wooden paddle, leather flogger, and my knee, as well as punching his hanging testicles like a boxing speed bag! I even made him put on his 10 ounce steel ball stretcher, which he bought online without my permission a few years ago. I finish him off with my corded vibrator on high, and then sit on his back while I get myself off! As with all of our videos, this is our real life, unscripted play, and we set prices at the lowest allowed by the system. We are just kinky, married voyeurs who get off on others getting off to our fun! We know we can’t compete with the high budget pro studios here, who produce incredible fetish fantasy content, but we hope that there is some appeal in a Real Life Amateur Married Cuckoldress/Cuck couple, sharing the deranged things we’ve been doing for years!? I make no apologies for being a Cougar MILF, twice the age of most of the BEAUTIFUL models on here. We only decided to video and share what we already do to make a little extra college money for our two offspring! LOL

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