Miss Medea Mortelle – He’s in a real fix (Post Orgasm CBT)

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Posted: March 23, 2024 в 10:49 am

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Miss Medea Mortelle – He’s in a real fix (Post Orgasm CBT)

My slave has been locked in a chastity cage without any orgasm for a very long time. Today I’m going to allow him to release, only to torment him afterwards with nasty clamps on his ballsack. I will jerk him off quickly, so he gets the least possible enjoyment out of it. Then it is time to put the nasty clamps onto his genitals. One of my fans gifted me these clamps for my birthday. They are hardware store clamps that exert a lot of pressure on the affected area… One by one, I attach them to the scrotum of my bound slave. Already after the first clamps he begs for mercy and screams like a madman. Despite this, I want to put ALL of the clamps onto his junk. After all, his genitals are my plaything. As soon as all the hardware clamps are on his sack, I enjoy his suffering to its fullest. I repeatedly stroke the clamps, which onl intensifies the sounds my slave makes. Then I tear the clamps off one after the other…

Featuring: Miss Medea Mortelle
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