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Posted: October 25, 2023 в 5:26 pm

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Constances Crazy Cinemas – DBL Harleys’ Wrestling & Ballbusting Event

Harley Jacquelyn and Harley Andi are here to DEMOLISH Jackie’s balls! This ball busting event is sponsored by Harley Constance’s Crazy Cinemas, who will also be our announcer this evening!! All Harley’s are A LOT crazy, and Jackie really just wants to experience that first hand! Harley Jacquelyn and Harley Andi plan to taunt and tease their little slave Joker Jackie all the way to ball boom boom town! They belly punch him, rear naked chokehold him to gasping, even TICKLE him!

All the while, Jackie waits for the impending doom of the ball crushing crescendo for this evening! Harley Andi puts Jackie into a brutal camel clutch—then both ladies give him a double head scissorhold HA! Both Harleys are completely happy demolishing poor Jackie, both together at the same time, or taking turns!! Especially when it comes to finally releasing their ball busting attacks one after another!! BAM BAM BAM!! One Harley holds up ol’boy Joker Jackie-o so the other Harley can throw kicks, knees, and even vice grip toes around those sensitive busted balls!! Can Jackie handle Boom Boom Town???

Featuring: Jacquelyn Velvets, Harley Andi
Size: 1017.2 MB
Duration: 00:20:30 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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