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Posted: August 18, 2023 в 6:10 pm

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MissKsiaBB Schoolgirl deprives your manhood

I’m dressed in a sexy outfit of a little schoolgirl in white socks and black hard shoes (a year ago, when I was still in high school, I broke a lot of eggs in this uniform when they stared at my ass).
I started teasing him with my sexy body, smiling innocently, and when he thought I was going to fuck him, I abruptly kicked him in the balls with my knee. I take off his pants to hit him in the balls more accurately. I pose and sexually tease in between squeezes, knees and strong kicks. I make him worship at my feet and ass. I make him writhe and deliver crushing kicks, and this excites me very much.)
After such ruthless kicks and with all the beatings he received from me, I doubt that he can still cum.) I start stroking his cock and slowly start doing a sensual footjob, but when he started spewing cum, I deprive him of orgasm by kicking him hard in the balls many times and leave him with blue balls on the floor.

Featuring: Miss Ksia BB
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