Goddess Tangent – A Humbling Experience (full scene)

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Posted: June 2, 2023 в 6:09 pm

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Goddess Tangent – A Humbling Experience (full scene)

Goddess Tangent has a variety of nastiness & brutality in store for slave marcelo.

Goddess has him in bondage, including a steel humbler and a spiked ball crusher. Slave has nowhere to go as Goddess cranks the crusher ever tighter, until those nuts are ready to pop.

Tangent wants more room in his ass. So in goes her hand, followed by an anal hook.

Once he is completely immobilized, Goddess gets out the Wartenberg wheel to further torment his cock and balls. She then beats his ass with a crop to get his mind off his bits.

Next, Goddess squeezes the spiked ball crusher a little more. Then She canes his ass, as he screams in agony.

Then Tangent removes the anal hook and replaces it with Her fist. He proved to be a good hole for Goddess.

Featuring: Goddess Tangent
Size: 827.3 MB
Duration: 00:22:15 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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