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Posted: April 9, 2023 в 6:24 pm

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Lilli Bayle loves to combine the sadistic aspect of ballbusting with her passion for games.
So, after having devastated Enea with the Wheel of Fortune, she’s ready for a new game: the game of dice.
The rules are simple:
– On a blackboard Lilli wrote the types of blows that she will give
– The dice will determine the number of hits
But that’s not all, if Lilli rolls a double then the shots will be doubled (and it will happen several times because Lilli is really very lucky)
Furthermore Lilli has several surprises in store for Enea, who is unaware of the rules and discovers them with you, the first is the game itself, the second is that in addition to the first 5 strokes written on the blackboard there are 5 more on the back . The third is that the last type is hidden and you will only discover it at the end.
Just on the last type Lilli unleashes her luck by getting a double six which means 24 hits 🙂
The video is shot in a single sequence, all the kicks are consecutive, and precisely due to the intensity of Lilli’s blows, Enea sweats, the tension is at its maximum, as is the power of the kicks.
For the last type of blows Enea is in real trouble and goes down several times, but to satisfy his Mistress he gets up in pain until the game is completed.
Find out what fate has decided … Lilli was really satisfied!
Here is the complete hit list:
– Frontal
– Ground
– Knee
– Two steps
– Punches
– Left & Right
– Sole
– Elbow
– Behind
– Double
Enjoy it!!!

Featuring: Lilli Bayle
Size: 745.0 MB
Duration: 00:21:28 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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