MissCrimsonRush – Busting This Worm’s Balls! (FULL)

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Posted: March 10, 2023 в 6:32 pm

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MissCrimsonRush – Busting This Worm’s Balls! (FULL)

This worm thought it would be OK to flake on Me! He had some courage to come by to apologize. He begged to make it up tome by any means I deemed necessary! “Anything”, he said! HA! Well, I made an example of him! No one humiliates Me! Let alone wastes My time! I degraded his manhood by him to stand in front of Me! I made him spread his legs wide and take many, ruthless kicks to his balls! Watching him squirm on the floor only made Me want to kick him harder! I could not help but to laugh at his suffering. Has he learned his lesson? He deserved every bit of punishment I decided to give him! I demanded for him to drop to his knees and spread his legs, so I could further this worm’s pathetic little balls! I bet he didn’t think I would be so cruel to do such a thing. Terrified with what I can do, he begged and pleaded for Me to stop! My last HARD kick caused him to collapse onto the floor in pain, then I shoved My foot into his mouth to silence his whimpers!

Featuring: Crimson Rush
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Duration: 00:05:13 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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