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Posted: January 28, 2023 в 4:37 pm

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Worship An Li – Genital Harassment

I’ve been having issues at work.

More importantly, my boss has been taking it a step too far in our work relationship, overstepping his boundaries by hitting on me. I’ve decided it’s time for retribution. It’s time to teach that silly little man a lesson… so I’ve taken him hostage.

He wakes up tied to a chair via plastic wrap, hooded and penis gagged. And because he’s been on such naughty behavior, it’s time to punish the little brain down there that seems to guide him towards such poor decisionmaking. I stretch, pull, slap, punch, and knee his balls into proper submission, ensuring that he knows who’s boss here. And in between, I tease him with a handjob, getting him hard because he’s a silly little man who can’t help himself, and then busting him down to show him that I’m in charge.

Of course, his boner brought him here, and his boner will end it. I milk him dry, feeding him his own cum to teach him the taste of his own foolishness.

For evidence, I’ve recorded it all, lest he act up again. And who knows who I might release it to? I guess I’m finally getting that raise I deserve.

Featuring: An Li
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