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Posted: January 22, 2023 в 6:53 pm

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DianaVonRigg – Office Bullies – We Know Your Dirty Little Secret!!

There has been a disturbance in the recent goings on in the office. a new little pervert thinks it’s acceptable to go around all the office desks, peeking under all our skirts to get a glimpse of what he can never have! All Miss Ruby & I wanted to do was quietly go about our lunch in piece, have a chit chat about the going’s on in the office & this creepy little perv, think it’s acceptable to disrupt us & carry on his disgusting behaviour. Not on our watch!!! Dragging this loser up off the floor for staring at Miss Ruby’s delicious fishnets, we raid his pockets only to find a face hood. we dish out a load of verbal humiliation to this little weirdo, thinking he can bring his kinks into our workplace, we have other ideas! We strip down this pervy little slut for staring between our blouses & up our skirts only to reveal his tiny little pecker! Getting hard from even just our verbal humiliation there’s something else that takes our eye. This little weirdo thinks it’s appropriate to wear a ball weight to a workplace! This simply will not stand & it’s time for Miss Ruby & I to dish out his punishments!! Starting with a couple of smacks his pathetic cock, we deliver some light blows to his tiny weighted balls for him to spill out his kinky desires. Miss Ruby grabs his weighted balls, yanks them down only for the unless little things to get sucked back through the weight! We’re just simply getting started with this perv!!! Time for a tease, a look at what he will never have. The blouse comes off to reveal My voluptuous cleavage, he can’t help but stare now, no choice but to goon! It’s time for this perv to finally be punished for his disgusting behaviour! ON YOUR KNEES NOW!!! Holding the pervs legs open, Miss Ruby delivers the first delicious kicks to this boys cock & balls, he’s a wriggly one! This one needs to be firmly held still for us to get a clean kick! But it’s My turn now!! Grabbing the slut by his face, I punish his squirming by delivering some firm but effective knees to his pathetic balls! It’s time to get a better look now! On your back, show me that worthless tool of yours! Lying in his back, Miss Ruby smothers to slut with her sexy fishnet covered feet, whilst I eek out some muffled tones by squeezing his useless little cock & balls! My delicious tights separating my nude feet, to his tiny member, I tread, squeeze & stamp on the virgin sluts pathetic excuse for a cock! It’s Miss Ruby’s turn!! The bitch gets muffled underneath ass, feeling his warm breath on My panties as Miss Ruby delivers some cruel, heeled stamps to this loser! Now he’s been punished for his wrong doing, this slut needs to be reminded of his wrong doings, he needs his pathetic behaviour shown around the office to make sure this never happens again!! We deliver our orders to this pathetic bitch on what we now expect on a day to day basis, if not complied we will humiliate him to the whole office! The boy knows not to mess around with us anymore, any more unforgiving behaviour, he knows he will relinquish his serving duties! We send him on his way with a firm knee to his unless balls & the fear of what we will do to him next! I don’t think we’ll be hearing any nonsense from this perv for a while & if we do, let’s just say we won’t be as forgiving next time.

Featuring: DianaVonRigg, Miss Ruby
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