Melisande Sin – Slave Pendulum (Melisande Sin & Maya Sin)

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Posted: July 6, 2022 в 7:36 pm

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Melisande Sin – Slave Pendulum (Melisande Sin & Maya Sin)

Deep inside the darkness of our Dungeon, a slave is waiting to be punished in an upside down suspension. He has been hanging upside down for several hours, his freedom of movement is close to zero. Mistress Melisande and Misstress Maya find him moaning & begging for mercy. Both Ladies are in the mood to inflict pain and suffering and derive a perverse pleasure from it. Laughing at the unfortunate victim, they begin to painfully catch his cock and balls. The slave greedily and humbly kisses Miss Melisande’s elegant leather shoes and Ms. Maya’s striking black platforms, hoping that his punishment will be less cruel. Despite the pain caused by slaps and punches, his dick is throbbing and the tip gets very red. Miss Melisande starts slapping his testicles with Her beautiful tattooed hand, at the same time the slave to count times and thanking after each of them. While the slaves genitals, both Ladies come up with the idea to rock their subject by pulling him by the testicles. Accompanied by his cries and moans, they happily define their new as ‘The slave Pendulum’. Then Miss Melisande begins to the slave with a pin wheel while Miss Maya handcuffs his hands to prevent him from making any moves. Miss Maya decides to comfort the slave during the by putting her divine crotch on his face. The slave yelp so loud that his Owners decide to gag him. They proceed to placing clamps on his balls only to rip them off abruptly. The male creature is writhing in spasms with no more than moans coming out of his gagged mouth. The slave, brought to his limits, begins to whimper for the Ladies to stop him. As a response, they give him and ultimatum. He needs to choose, either, as an obedient slave, he will endure further torments or he will be to leave his training at the Dungeon. The slave’s decision is a no-brainer, he obviously chooses to stay. The next task of the submissive are abdominal muscle exercises. The slave, on the command of his Owners, pulls himself up in his position and is doing crunches. The training is interrupted by a series of ball slapping given harshly by Miss Melisande. The slave begs for mercy, Mistresses laugh like amused girls. Eventually, Mistresses pity their victim and decide to let him off. The slave must thank for punishment kissing wonderful shoes of both Ladies. As a reward for endurance, Mistresses allow the slave a humiliating ending of jerking off and cumming on his own face. The slaves sprays with steaming cum all over himself, and the Mistresses laugh mockingly at his miserable situation. As a finishing touch Miss Melisande spits on him.

Starring: Melisande Sin, Maya Sin
Size: 1.2 GB
Duration: 00:10:58 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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