Mistress Euryale – Burning the ashtray piggy

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Posted: January 14, 2022 в 9:16 pm

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Mistress Euryale – Burning the ashtray piggy

Euryale’s ashtray boy is hanging from the ceiling like a piggy, and that’s his new name today. As usual, she is feeling sadistic when she lights her cigarette and her piggy knows that.

The testicles and the nipples of piggy will be the main target of Euryale – with his mouth and tongue of course. Every time she gets closer to his balls, we can distinctly hear the noise of roasted hair and skin, before she touches the flesh and leaves a mark. And piggy knows that he should kiss her boots to thank her for the privilege of being touched by her cigarette.

Yet Piggy can’t help but cry like a dying prey, which does nothing less that exciting Euryale’s sadism even more. His wet tongue will put an end to this torment, by putting out her cigarette efficiently.

Starring: Mistress Euryale
Size: 507.1 MB
Duration: 00:08:18 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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