Platinum’s Mean Girls – Stockade Double Nut Destruction

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Posted: July 18, 2021 в 8:38 am

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Platinum’s Mean Girls – Stockade Double Nut Destruction

Our busted nut slave from previous top 50 clips was back at the Manor for the FIRST EVER BALLBUSTING IN THE STOCKADE!!! And who better to have the honors than the vicious Alpha Allie paired with Yours Truly, (the “Most Feared” Ball-buster as voted on at a prior endeavour… :p) So of course this fragile little thing looks miniscule compared to both of Us as We have it locked into the stocks and completely at Our Mercy. It stays still and is held so its balls are always at the ready for Us to DESTROY!!! There are several kicks where you can see its legs go out from underneath it and that makes it even more hilarious as the loser gets caught by its own neck and c-h-o-k-e-s itself stupid because the stocks won’t let it fall even when its legs want it to… Bwahahahaha…. and to think, I made a slave make the device to ruin its “relatives”… so fun to turn losers against one another as they hope to impress Us… Watch yet another slave get broken to pieces in a brutal Double Domme Destruction of “BustedNutz”

Starring: Goddess Platinum, Alpha Allie
Size: 335.5 MB
Duration: 00:07:09 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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