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Posted: March 26, 2021 в 10:12 pm

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Madam Director – Lola – Ballbusting Webinar

Today I am hosting a webinar on one of my favorite topics: ballbusting. I go over some of the reasons why I chose ballbusting as the topic for my first webinar and also briefly touch on topics I plan to cover in upcoming broadcasts. I discuss why, as a female Dominant, I feel as though ballbusting is a foundational training for the male slave. I discuss some of the things the male slave’s cock and balls may represent to him, and how the notion of a male-centric world can be challenged by literally displaying the paradoxical weakness of what the male may perceive to be his center of virility and power. I show how manhandling his manhood reinforces to him our dynamic of leader and follower. In summary, when a Woman busts balls She breaks the male ego. It is a physiological process with deep psychological reverberations. The foundation of slave training is breaking the ego. The nexus of the male ego is male anatomy. To break the ego, you must bust the anatomy. The Goddess made males and Females unequal for many good reasons. The intentional flaw in nature’s design is male anatomy. It was placed on the outside of the body to be vulnerable. It was created to be vulnerable to reinforce Women’s dominion over mankind. I go through some of this theory for both Dommes and males in the audience and then direct more to the Dommes watching as I demo a few simple ballbusting positions that they may wish to try with their slaves.

Starring: Lola
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