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Posted: September 7, 2020 в 10:35 pm

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Today I really want to have fun, so I summon my slave to the foot of the throne where I have prepared several shoes. This time, however, I will not allow him to adore and lick them. I will use them to experiment on his balls. In fact, I explain to my slave that the pain caused by a kick at balls is different depending on the type of shoe I’m wearing. This jerk will have the opportunity to notice it shortly. I make him stand up, and I notice that he is excited at the mere idea of ??being kicked in the balls. It’s better because the excited the jerk can take stronger kicks! I start hitting him with a pair of beautiful wedges, and my bitch starts to suffer. However, I’m not very satisfied with these shoes. Although they are beautiful and they manage to get me good shots, but they are not as lethal as I would like. So I go on to try some beautiful open sandals, these start to give me some more satisfaction because I see that the slave is writhing more and more for the pain. I give him a little break, just long enough to put my boots on for me. The boots have the great advantage of not making me feel any pain on the foot, I could spend hours kicking the balls of this loser. In addition the noise of the skin of the boots slamming on his balls, the tip that sticks in the balls giving me a lot of satisfaction. After having a good time with the boots, I will finish the slave with beautiful décolleté with spikes. He is terrified just looking at them. To hit him with these shoes is beautiful. As I feel the spikes sink into his balls, and see the slave writhing in pain. I’m having so mush pleasure making my bitch suffer, and after a while I decide to increase the strength of my kicks until the he finally falls to the ground. I heard a sinister noise … maybe I really broke his balls! Better this way, as this slave does not need to have his balls working in order to serve me. I am really satisfied with this experiment, and the next time I want to kick a slave in the balls, I will know which shoes to choose depending on the result I want to achieve…

Starring: Mistress Gaia
Size: 423.3 MB
Duration: 00:11:04 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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  • Jonh
    Author: Jonh Added September 8, 2020 в 12:48

    Bb and latex great thx good selection

  • BBLo
    Author: BBLo Added February 16, 2021 в 17:41

    Please upload this again


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