Pastel Goddess – Human Punching Bag for Angry Goddess

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Posted: August 21, 2020 в 9:11 pm

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Pastel Goddess – Human Punching Bag for Angry Goddess

I’m so frustrated – I’ve been working really hard all day and I just have so much pent up stress that I need to let out. To make matters worse, Kitten accuses me of being lazy! That is a serious accusation for a slave. I grab him by the throat and slam him up against the wall and tower over him with my amazonian stature. I bully and slap him, then clench his balls in my hand and use them as a stress ball. I go to take off the chastity and Kitten panics. Normally he likes being let out, but this time he knows it is safer to stay in. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a choice here. I punch and slap his bare balls, then tell him to stand straight so I can lay into them with kicks. He actually tries to leave but I pull him back. This is not a matter of what he wants. He is terrified as I begin kicking his balls. Several of the hits are so hard that he curls up on the floor. It is really helping me feel better to beat up a helpless beta male. He constantly begs for me to stop but I ignore him. Then I lie him on the floor and step on his balls and chest with my platform sneakers. I’m so much bigger and heavier than my slave. His cries of pain are extremely real as his face flushes purple and he begs for mercy. I continue stomping on him until I’M satisfied. Finally, I crouch down over his face and let out some stinky farts I’ve built up. The icing on the cake after a heavy beating is seeing the slave squirm in agony beneath my ass from the powerful scent of gas. It’s so humiliating and my slave really doesn’t enjoy it. When I’m finally done with him, I kick him around and leave him crying, a defeated husk.

Starring: Pastel Goddess
Size: 1.4 GB
Duration: 00:13:08 min
Resolution: 1920×1080


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