Ballbuster Bastienne – Bound and Ballbusted in Heels and Pantyhose

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Posted: December 2, 2019 в 9:17 am

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Ballbuster Bastienne – Bound and Ballbusted in Heels and Pantyhose

I love putting men in the stocks! They can’t see a thing, leaving their entire back exposed and vulnerable to me. His whole body is tense with anticipation as I prowl behind him, toying with his sensitive balls. First I bind them, stretching them out to their max while simultaneously creating a leash for me to tug on. I wore my favourite red, ball-kicking heels and I have fun kicking him from behind. Once I’ve untied him I gather those beaten balls into my hand and give them some good punches, laughing at the moans I elicit. I slip my heel off and kick him with my bare foot, caressing his trembling body a few times before growing bored of him and wandering off to torment another poor soul 😉

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  • minet
    Author: minet Added January 26, 2023 в 16:35

    J’ai pris un abonnement d’un an pour voir l’ensemble des videos
    or je m’aperçoit qu’un grand nombre de videos ne sont pas disponibles
    ce n’es pas correct par rapport a l’engagement de videos proposés
    ceci est tres dommage car le reste est bien
    merci d’intervenir aupres du site ainsi qu’a votre administrator qui supprime des videos
    pourquoi mettre en ligne des videos non disponibles ?


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