Goddess Sativa’s humbled & tickled pet

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Posted: October 7, 2019 в 10:00 am

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Goddess Sativa’s humbled & tickled pet

This scene begins with slave cuffed, wearing a humbler on his balls on Goddess’s bondage table awaiting to be used in anyway Goddess sees fit. Goddess Sativa walks into the room, the heels of Her amazing crotch high, lacing up the back, black leather, purple, patent toe and trim boots clicking away in an audible and very hot way. Goddess is dressed in an amazing total leather outfit consisting of Her aforementioned boots, sexy, leather short shorts, a tightly fitting leather bra, amazing buttery soft leather gloves and carrying a black leather riding crop. When Goddess first walks in, She has only one glove on so we get to see Her put on Her 2nd glove as She watches Herself in the mirror doing so in a very sexy way as She admires Her own amazing beauty. She then pulls up and adjusts Her amazing boots which is very sexy to watch as well. The mirrors in Her studio give many angles to admire Goddess from including much exposure of Her gorgeous, sexy Goddess back tattoo work.
Goddess has slave in a humbler as the ultimate form of bondage as she proceeds to crop his ass, cock and balls. slave is grateful for any and all attention he gets from his Goddess. Goddess continues to crop slave as She discusses Her love of crops and single tails. Goddess then has slave lay on his side as She tortures his balls with various pinwheels. slave is very sensitive this area and even starts to feel tickled by this pinwheels. Goddess is amused by this as Her big gorgeous smile and reaction indicates.
Goddess then decides to have a smoke and uses slave as an ashtray. Slave is all too happy to oblige. Goddess then grabs the leash attached to the collar of slaves neck and pulls it into Her divine ass. The mirror in Her studio give the viewer an amazing angle of Her amazing ass and sexy tattooed back as well as great front and side angles of Goddess as She controls Her slave with the leash. Goddess then gives slave some sexy face slaps before the conclusion of clip. Also, some brief sexy posing in front of the camera right at the end.

Starring: Goddess Sativa
Size: 381.1 MB
Duration: 00:07:48 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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