Torture Time – Pervert Boss Becomes A New Blackmailed Foot Bitch – Featuring Nika Venom & Dacey Harlot

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Torture Time – Pervert Boss Becomes A New Blackmailed Foot Bitch (Custom Clip) – Featuring Nika Venom & Dacey Harlot

Nika invites Fluffy to her place in order to blackmail him. She strictly binds Fluffy’s arms and legs in tape and invites Dacey to enjoy you as their pet. One girl plays with your balls (kicks, stomps) and whips you, while the other one has her foot in your mouth.

Fluffy is the new boss of Nika (and Dacey), and lately Fluffy has been very tough at them. Nika cannot stand it and she has a plan. She asked Fluffy to pass by her place, as she had some interesting documents to show him on her computer. She knows that Fluffy has been doing some illegal things. She also knows that Fluffy is into womens feet. “You’re fucked” she tells Fluffy. “From now on, I will be the boss and you will be my pet. You will suck my toes every time I want to. I set up a specific training for you. it will last the weekend, maybe more. But first, take your clothes off and get on your knees.” Fluffy obeys but keeps his underwear on, so she orders him to take it off. She sits in front of Fluffy, takes her shoes off and point her foot at Fluffy. ” now suck my foot”. Fluffy really doesn’t want to do it, but she insists. “suck it or I call the cops”. She rises her foot to make Fluffy suck it like a cock “good boy, you’ll get used to it”.

The doorbell rings, its Dacey. “So where is he?” she says. Nika opens a door and we see Fluffy naked, bound like a pet and gagged,with his balls are tied too. Fluffy tries to plead through his gag, but the girls just look at him and laugh. They put a leash on Fluffy’s collar and bring him to the living room. “let’s go bitch, we will have some fun.”
Dacey whips Fluffy’s ass to give him some motivation. Nika wants to show to Dacey how obedient Fluffy is.
Dacey makes some steps forward and points at her feet, “come to my feet!” Fluffy walks on all fours to her and puts his face at her feet.

Dacey sits in front of Fluffy. she takes off her shoes and puts her beautiful toes on Fluffy’s gag. She makes Fluffy smell her foot for few seconds while Nika whips Fluffy’s ass. The girls want to have some fun with Fluffy’s mouth.
Each turn, one will shove their foot deep in Fluffy’s mouth while the other one kicks his balls or whips him from behind. Fluffy couldn’t even scream as they continue to foot gags him. They swap roles.

Dacey and Nika put Fluffy on his back. One girl sitting at Fluffy’s head, while the other one sits by his balls. One girl has her foot in Fluffy’s mouth, while the other crushes and tortures Fluffy’s balls with her feet and hands.
They fuck Fluffy’s mouth while he struggles in pain while they stomp his balls. They swap roles before moving on.

At the end, both girls are sit and have their feet lined up on the couch. They talk while Fluffy licks their soles and sucks on their toes. They agree about bringing some other girls of the company, while Fluffy pleads for them not to do that, but Nika shoves her foot in his mouth and tells him to shut up. They put the muzzle gag back on and tie a shoe to his face, and say “he loves feet too much, in the future we should lock him in chastity”

Starring: Nika Venom, Dacey Harlot, Jasper Reed
Size: 751.0 MB
Duration: 00:20:23 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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