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Posted: July 30, 2019 в 9:30 am

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Ballbusting Cockbiting Pornstars – Cockbiting Asian Boss Full – Eva Right

Dominatrix Eva Right is very disappointed by the penis she has to play with today, it’s very small and honestly a bit embarrassing. She tugs on it hoping it will do something impressive but with no luck she hits the man in the balls. She squeezes it, digging her nails into the flesh. Twisting it like a pretzel so you don’t know what part is balls and what is dick. The whole time she talks down to him and that puny pecker. Amused by punishing him, she kicks him in the nuts repeatedly with her heels. Eva instructs her submissive to jerk his cock, while he tries to follow her orders she hits him in the balls. When that’s not enough she kicks him, sadism gets her really turned on. She strips naked, she’s got a sexy milf body with giant fake tits. She plays with her pussy, rubbing that clit and continues kicking his nuts. It’s amazing the man stays standing but he really wants to please her. Eva looks really good naked, but try as he might her submissive can’t keep his dick hard with all the ballbusting. She squishes his balls with her feet, this excites her feeling them so fragile under her toes. With just a bit more pressure she could make them pop. She grabs his cock and puts it in her mouth, but not to blow him, instead she bites down. She gnaws on his poor pecker. Rewarding one’s submissive is important, and this poor guy has let Eva really put him through the wringer. It’s been so much fun though. Instead of continuing to punch and kick the balls or chew on his dick she starts sucking it, giving him a proper blowjob. With sore balls he never gets fully erect but that doesn’t stop her, she sucks and works that little dick until finally he busts his jizz all over her big tits. He’s such a good slave.

Starring: Eva Right
Size: 2.0 GB
Duration: 00:26:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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