Stiletto Mules CBT – FULL HD 1080p – Long Nails of Ms Christina

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Posted: June 5, 2019 в 9:22 am

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Stiletto Mules CBT – FULL HD 1080p – Long Nails of Ms Christina

One of my clients became fond of a pair of my sexiest mules – the ones with the thong over my big toes and the needle thin heels. He saw the STILETTO MULES on my site and asked if he could get a custom video with me wearing the hot heels while I did CBT on Trampleguy’s junk. Of course! That is what I do. So I met Trampleguy in Vegas and brought along my cockbox. With his junk fully exposed to whatever I wanted to do, Trampleguy laid back and enjoyed the pain. I used the sharp heels to stand on his balls. Then I stood on his shaft while I dug my heel into his ball sack. Next, we conducted a test. I tried to see if the heel of my shoe could cause more pain than my SHARP LONG TOENAILS. According to Trampleguy, my sharp toenails were more painful! By the way, if you are watching this late at night and want to be incognito, make sure you turn down the volume because there is some serious screaming in this vdieo.

If you are familiar with my videos featuring Trampleguy, you know that he takes abuse to his body, and especially his junk, like no other person on earth. His cock stays rock hard no matter what I do to it, including piercing it. But in this video, the CBT (or possibly my toenails cutting into his balls) got to him. He took it like a trooper for most of the video, but then the pain became unbearable as I stepped on his cock head with my sharp stiletto heel and he slowly lost that hard erection we have grown to expect. At the end of the video, I was able to push his meat back through the cock hole on the cockbox and walk away. So you know you have to get this video to see the abuse my heels did to Trampleguy.

Starring: Ms Christina
Size: 582.2 MB
Duration: 00:11:48 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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