Cock and Balls Trampling

HIGH HEEL Trample by Ms Christina – Smashing Balls with Bare Feet and Wedgies

HIGH HEEL Trample by Ms Christina – Smashing Balls with Bare Feet and Wedgies

This was another custom video where my client wanted me to CRUSH Trampleguy’s balls with my BARE FEET and then crush them again with my WEDGIES. I am wearing my GOLD ANKLE BRACELET to add some sparkle to the scene. Trampleguy lubed up his cock and balls with baby oil then he sat on the floor and put his junk on a pillow exposing his balls for me to step on. I stood bare foot on his cock and balls with full weight, many times standing only on one foot while holding the other foot in the air. His cock and balls kept sliding out from under my foot because of the slick baby oil, but I always got his balls under my feet again. I also used my LONG, SHARP, RED TOENAILS to scratch his cock and balls! I used one foot at a time smashing his balls and switched feet on Trampleguy’s request. Next, I put on my BLACK AND GOLD WOOD WEDGIES. Now it’s obvious that the soles of these shoe are extremely ridged and unforgiving – Because they are SOLID WOOD! But, again, I used my full weight to CRUSH his balls as Trampleguy was laying face down on the floor. There are lots of close ups showing his balls being flattened under the soles of my sexy WEDGIES. You will see the toe of my shoe smash his exposed balls. Like in the first half of this video, I stood full weight on his balls with one foot while my other foot was dangling in the air. Do you think you could take me standing on YOUR balls in these sexy WEDGIES?

Starring: Ms Christina
Size: 972.0 MB
Duration: 00:15:35 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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